Apple : IOS 5 will be available with over 200 features this fall

Steve Jobs Announced the new interesting features of the new operating system IOS 5 that will be available for Apple devices this fall.

The new operating system IOS 5 will be a free software update for the Iphone, Ipad, And Ipod touch users and will comes up with over 200 cool features to make the users’ experience with Apple products more interesting.

Among the features that will be available in The IOS 5 are :

  • Notification center : A way that allow you viewing and managing your notfications without interruption.
  • IMessage :A new service that enable you to send text messages and files to other IOS 5 devices.
  • Reminders :A way that lets you organize your life and manage your time in to do lists and make you remember and reminds what you plan to do.
  • Twitter :Twitter was integrated to IOS 5, by this way you can tweet and reply to a friend easily from your Apple device.

A lot of other features were introduced such as Camera, Safari, Photos, Mail, Game Center and many other cool and useful features.

The IOS 5 operating system will be free and will be available for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod touch this fall.
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