Appearance of Nexus Prime with 4.65 inch screen

Samsung may be preparing for a new battle against the iPhone 5, which is expected to be announced next month, with a range of new phones, including the Nexus Prime, Wave III and Galexa Q.

This news came from leaks published site telefonino, Nexus Prime or i9250 will be the first smartphone on the system Google's new Android 4.0, which is named Ice Cream Sandwich-class with interesting features, such as screen 4.65 "1280 * 720 pixels (720p) and the density of 315ppi ( pixels per inch), making it very close to the screen Retina carried by iPhone 4, but on a much larger area. The phone will carry a camera also accurately 5MP Yes, not as you expect, but perhaps this was a sacrifice to keep the on-screen "mega" and reduce invoice processing, As for the succession there is nothing to indicate the succession of Nexus Prime for the Google Phone Nexus.

The Galexa Q will carry in its turn a larger screen than the previous 5.29 "with a display resolution up to 720p, the camera accurately 8MP, dual-core processor at speeds up to 1.4GHz and is working on a system Gingerbread (Android 2.3). The Wave III will turn on the system Samsung home Bada 2 and screen will carry the Super AMOLED 4 "and the camera accurately 5MP.
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