FBI launch CHILD ID application for iPhone

The Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI in the United States of America announced the launch of the first application for "iPhone" called Child ID.

This new application allows parents to store pictures and basic data concerning children, enabling them to disclose to the authorities and stakeholders in the event that the child is lost or absent of sight.

This is the first application provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation based on the techniques of smartphones, in response to the needs and requirements of the protection of society which records the event of loss of a child every 40 seconds, according to official statistics.

But the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed that it does not intend to collect or store any of the information that users enter to the application until the user decides himself to send it to the authorities.

Parents can also send e-mail message to the relevant authorities and through an additional tab in the application of "Child ID", which in turn provides special instructions for the safety of children and how to act in the early hours of the child absence.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that this application is free and will be available to other mobile devices in addition to "iPhone" in the near future.

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