Fujitsu launched Lifebook SH531 notebook

Fujitsu launched "Lifebook SH531" notebook, which includes various fonctionalities with a competitive price starting at less than 500 euros.

The objectif of this new model is the segment of students users, and the features of this notebook is a screen measuring 13.3 inches, a maximum weight of 1.9 kg, without affecting the performance, benefits and efficiency in the consumption of electric power.

Lifebook SH531 notebook also has the benifits of resisting severe light surrounding, so that it could be used in places out door and the advantage of Computrace allows tracking computer remotely in the event of exposure to loss or theft, and the feature of locking the hard drive and programs on it, in addition to resistance of water leaking to the keyboard.

The design of this computer takes into account preserving the environment, "Fujitsu" used less harmful substances to be manufacture this computer, in addition to high efficiency in the consumption of electric power, with lasting battery for more than 6 hours, relying on the family of Smart second generation of Intel Core i3 and Core i5, as these processors modify the performance automatically to suit the user requirements, which contributes to energy efficiency.
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