Intel invest 300 million dollars for the development of Ultrabook

Intel company plans to invest about 300 $ million during the three to four next years to support the development of the new category of PCs Ultrabook. Intel had said last May that this category of computers features designs that thickness do not exceed one inch, and adopt a battery sufficient for days in standby, and takes in a few seconds to start, available at prices less than the barrier of 1,000$.

Intel will work to provide funding for both hardware and software partners in the hope to make it easier for partners designing Ultrabook computers that can work all day without needing to be recharged.

The Arvind Sodhana, executive vice president of the company, "Intel" for funding has made it clear that it is through this special fund designs Ultrabook will focus on investing in companies that develop technologies that will help revolutionize the level of computing experience and make of laptops indispensable.

The negotiations, "Intel" has taken up the class Ultrabook during the exhibition "Computex" last March. And hopes that these computers succeed obtaining about 40% of the notebook PC market to the consumer sector with the end of next year, and confirms that these computers will be a collection between performance offered by today's notebook and the experience of the use of tablets in terms of thickness and weight of the product.

The reports have recently indicated that world manufacture partners such as "Acer", "Asus", "Del", "Lenovo" in addition to "HP" will start already running production lines of Ultrabook computers in September, UX21 model from "Asus" was nominated to be the first computer of this category to appear on the market.
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