Leme camera application turns your iPhone into a real camera

Leme camera application turns your iPhone into a real camera, and developers says that the imaging with the application means "captures what the eye sees and shows the feelings of the heart."

The application enable you to pick up the most beautiful moments of life through the lens and then make on the images you picked up or the other on your album, the necessary adjustments by using different lenses and the effects on the kinds of diverse forms and frames.

And you can leave the application choose the appropriate effects for your image and apply it to the image.

Advantages of the application:
  • 9 types of lenses, all designed in a special way
  • 15 type of psychotropic
  • 11 varieties of tires
  • Edit image and mixing elements of the cartoon
  • the possibility of putting the image after the adjustment in the social networking sites and other follow-up images
  • You can add a note written on the picture that you have prepared
  • You can save the final image in a photo album.

Works on iPhones and iPod Touch.

Appropriate operating system: iOS 4.1 or later.

Latest version: 2.2

Size: 45.8 MB

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