New feature in Google + called hangout for watching videos collectively

Youtube added a new feature that allows participants in the social network Google + to watch videos with their friends through the feature hangout.

Through a new button that appears below the video screen, the user can invite friends to watch a video collectively during a video conference. Google efforts continue to strengthen the link between its social network Google + and Youtube.

Participants of Google + social network will be able to invite friends to follow the video conference through their favourite content, which is available on Youtube.
By clicking the traditional video sharing option, appears the usual options of participation, and to the side of it is the option of "Watch with your friends", which is available by clicking the request via the video conference feature hangout.

When you click on this feature, the new window appears allowing the possibility to invite friends from the circle of Google + to watch the video.

It should be noted that collective viewing a video was available within Google + social network, but it is now easier through the site Youtube itself.

Since the launch of Google + social network last june, Google continues working to increase the subscribers base and compete with Facebook, which began in turn to provide video call services based on its service "Skype" soon after the start of Google +.

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