Pixeet to make iPhone filming as Fisheye lens

Many of us use the iPhone to film or take photos especially with programs such as photo sharing Instagram and many other programs and now with the cover of Pixeet that makes the iPhone captures panoramic images of 360 degrees. All that is required to make this Panorama is four pictures of their lens and it is the Fisheye.

So you can film the panorama of 360 degrees, you should buy a piece Pixeet consisting of a cover for the iPhone and also the same lens that attached with the cover to enable you filming a panoramic image of 360 ​​degrees. After installation you should download the free application for their own installation of the image, which requires only four images to make Panorama of 360 degrees.

You can also post the application with the Panorama social networks and also review it as three-or two-dimensional.

View the promo video to see more details about this product :


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