Skype application for Ipad 2 device

There is no doubt that the vast majority know the Skype a program for visual dialogues via the Internet, from which emerged a special version of the iPad device after it appeared in a previous version of the iPhone as well.

The version mentioned came with advantages to fit the iPad with a special toolbar to allow users making visible dialogues (only for the iPad 2).

As in previous versions, the version dedicated to iPad 2 provid you the ability to see the other user on the entire screen in front of you and talk to him, you can send the signal from the lens front of your device or from the rear camera of your device if you want to show something to the other party.

advantages of this program:

  • Completely free.
  • Dialogue with sound and image. Lens can run front or rear of the device.
  • You can invite any user with an iPad 2 to use Skype.
  • The ability to send text messages.
  • You can call landline if you have some credits in the program.
  • You can get a number from Skype to be called directly to the iPad

The application was removed from the store for technical reasons, but it will be available later for download again.

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