Google electronic wallet : Google launch a new payement system to make your phone a wallet

Google never lacks of ideas ; the proof, a new product called Google Wallet. This product is aimed to make your phones your wallets and by this way make your shopping experience easier, you will need only to tap, pay and save according to Google.

Google electronic Wallet will be soon released, in order to make you manage your money, it is a key to improve shopping's experience. This new ecosystem is for both customers in order to make them pay the offers they want and also for merchants by giving them a new way to offer coupons to their customers. This product is secure, free and cunsomers own their data.

Beside storing your credit cards, gift cards and offers, Google Wallet application can be used to store different data even things like tickets, ID and other things. Your wallet is secure and protected by a PIN and It’s aimed to make you avoid using phisical money.

In the begining, this application will support Google Prepaid card and Citi MasterCard and from the outset, cunsumers will be able to use their phones to pay wherever MasterCard PayPass is accepted and enabled.

Google with its partners Citi, MasterCard, Sprint and First Data worked together to provide this new application and make it very secure by encrypting the consumer’s data. This product will be released this summer, first in New York and Sans Fransisco.

The payement using mobilephones is not new ; it was used in different countries before, but Google make it more secure and will improve the way we are shopping and using our money.

Tap, Pay and Save ; remember well these words !!!


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