Facebook : Zuckerberg wants to allow kids under 13 using facebook

Facebook is a very huge social networking website and it still growing day after day. It is used by people of different ages even children under 13 are using facebook by providing worng informations about their ages.

The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he wants to improve children’s education and allowing them using facebook will be a great step to achieve this goal.

Mark Zuckerberg words were as following :

Education is clearly the biggest thing that will drive how the economy improves over the long term. We spend a lot of time talking about this… In the future, software and technology will enable people to learn a lot from their fellow students… That will be a fight we take on at some point. My philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age…. Because of the restrictions we haven’t even begun this learning process… If they’re lifted then we’d start to learn what works. We’d take a lot of precautions to make sure that they [younger kids] are safe…

The number of parents allowing their underaged children to use facebook is growing, the percentage of these parents increased in 2011 and many of them admits creating an acount for their children, but there still many changes to be implemented before facebook can be safe for kids.

However, reports said there are approximately over 7 million underaged children on the facebook site. Inspite of the precautions and restrictions taken by facebook, and the underaged children lie about their age and still creating acounts.

By allowing kids under 13 to use facebook in the future, facebook comunity will grow constantly and dominate more and more the social networking market.


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