Nintendo : Nintendo Wii U Unveiled

The new Nintendo console was unveiled and it is called Nintend Wii U, this console was called so because it is intended to be for "we and you" as said the global president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata. We refers to the Wii lovers and you refers to those who have stayed away from the Wii console.

Nintendo’s upcoming console is intended to replace your Tv with its new controller which give you much freedom and do not let you sticked in front of your Tv by switching the game from the Tv to the controller.

Wii U console looks like the old Wii. Similar size, white color and the famous blue light, except for the new controller that is intended to be your Tv. Besides, new features and games were introduced to the new console.

The new features of Wii U are :

• Front and rear cameras
• Speakers
• A microphone
• Vibration and a controller with 6.2 inch resistive touchscreen and other cool features.

There are also some new games coming with Wii U :

• Dirt
• Ghost Recon Online
• Batman :Arkam City
• Assassin’s Creed
• Aliens: Colonial Marines and other games

Nintendo’s console is coming next 2012, it will be launched to make gamers enjoy and try its new features and games which are as good as the PS3 or Xbox games.

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