Opera mini 6 : Opera mini 6 released for iphone and other Apple products

After Android and Blackberry a couple of months ago; opera launches the latest version of opera mobile browser Opera mini 6 for Apple’s products Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch.

Opera mini 6 was released in order to improve the browsing experience. The browser will be useful when the Internet connectivity becomes slow especially in crowded places like airports.

This browser works in crowded places where the Internet connectivity is slow, because it loads pages more faster than Safari. However, it is not an enemy of this latter, but it will be used in addition to the Apple's default browser when things slow down, it will also make people performs the same actions like in Safari such as zooming.

The Norwegian company describes in its website that this new version of the mobile browser was released to complement Safari, the default browser of Iphone and Ipad.

New features has been introduced to the new browser like :

  • Supporting new languages
  • Open links in background
  • Supporting YouTube
  • Sharing to social networks communities as Facebook, Twitter, My Opera and other new features.

This is the presentation video for Opera mini 6 :


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