Android : Malicious application records calls and sends it to the source

Experts and researchers specializing in the protection have warned from malicious program of Trojan category capable of recording voice calls conducted by users on their mobiles which runs Android operating system from Google.

After the security company has discovered a group of malicious programs that record the details and duration of calls made and received to and from mobile phones, it became clear to the company that this malicious program discovered this week is capable of recording the phone call and save it in the file format AMR to the phone's memory card.

After the user's consent to the installation process that simulates the normal application installation process, the program leak the "Settings" file.

The protection experts realize very well that this year will see further exacerbated the risk of malicious programs that target mobile phones, and in turn urge users of mobile phones to be more cautious when browsing the Internet or install any applications on their devices.

Smartphones using Android operating system are known by the flexibility to install third party programs, outperforming by this way the iPhone, the price of that is reflected in a higher degree of risk with these programs that may not be licensed by the Android store.

The supermarket itself had submitted applications contained malicious programs, but the protection of these risks seems to be available by installing anti-virus applications such as those that are available for personal computers.

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