Iphone : Photo Mosaica application to make a big composite image

Photo Mosaica program provides the opportunity to make a big image composite from many photographs of small size, like a beautiful mosaic.

The concept of Photo Mosaica is simple, but in terms of implementation the developer made a major effort to offer us this application in high quality.

In order to use the application choose the image you want to be a composite of images small in size like pieces of mosaic and the application will take care of the rest by choosing all the images saved in the device of choice and distribute them as mosaic pieces, depending on the brightness of the lighting in each. And thus draw the facial features or the features of the landscape.

The application developer notes that if the number of images is huge, the overall big picture will be more accurate, because the application will have wider choices of images to order.

Works on iPhones and iPod Touch.
Appropriate operating system: iOS 4.0 or later.
Appropriate: for all.
Size: 1.7 MB (you can download the cross-3G)

Developer: ZeMind Game

Price: Free

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