Google hot trends : google launched a new service called hot trends

After tracking searches by Google Zeitgeist for a period of time, google come then with the Google Trends service for popular queries.

Now, Hot Trends is a new useful service launched recently by google, this tool help showing the search queries and keywords the most searched in a period of time this tool also lists a daily top 100 queries.

Google hot trends tool analyzes hundreds thousands even millions queries and provides you with additional informations about each particular keyword or phrase once clicked on it.

What type of informations google hot trends provides ?

This tool allows comparing the popularity of the searched terms and display informations a bout specific terms or phrases, and the type of informations that could be provided with this google tool are :

· Displaying the search related posts.

· Displaying the top geographical locations.

· Providing blog posts and articles for the searched words.

· Showing the popularity of a keyword or phrase in a specific period, and many other informations.

To participate and have more informations use google Hot Trends group

What can you use this tool for ?

If you have a website or simply a write on blog, this tool is an easy way to find content and write about it. The use of this google tool help generating fresh content about the most popular terms and the most searched subjects.


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