Sony security breach : personal informations of about 2000 clients leaked

It seems that sony troubles aren’t over yet, just after suffering from its million member PlayStation Networks hack Sony suffered from another security breach, and personal informations of 2000 users were leaked.

Sony spokesman said that personal informations such as names, e-mail adresses and passwords were stolen from the sony canada website, but happily no credit cards informations were disclosed, this vulnerability was noticed Tuesday may 24 and the server has been immediately shut down.

Sony has also found a security breach in a music entertainment website in Greece with phone numbers, names and e-mail adresses informations of 8,500 users were leaked.

The japaneese company was hacked many times this month and different services belonging to it were hacked such as the (PSN) service and the internet service, these security breaches will certainly cost sony billions of dollars and make it think to secure its servers and protect its customers informations.

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